Bootcamp Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I need to bring to a PowerFit Bootcamp Class?

A: When you come to a PowerFit Bootcamp class the only thing you need to bring is a water bottle. During a PowerFit Bootcamp class we do have many exercises that permit all clients to be on the ground.  Some clients choose to bring a towel and/or yoga mat but that is optional.

Q:  I haven’t worked out for years. Will I be able to keep up with everyone in the class?

A: Our classes are designed so that anyone and everyone can participate. All exercises and drills are measured by time rather than a number of repetitions. This allows each person in class to perform their own fitness level and push themselves to their personal ability.

Q: I have some medical conditions that limit my ability to perform some exercises. Can I still participate?

A: Most exercises can be modified to help reduce strain on any muscle group.  We want everyone to have the opportunity to participate in class, and we do our best to ensure that each individual is getting the exercise needed, even if modifying a certain drill or exercise is the answer. We do, however, expect everyone to be able to run at a minimum ¼ of a mile, which is equivalent to 1 lap around a normal size track.

Q: My schedule is never consistent and I never know when I will be able to show up for a class. Do you have any options for someone like me who can’t come to class on a regular basis?

A: A person who does not have a consistent schedule and is not able to attend a minimum of 2 classes per week would benefit greatly from our punch card system. This will allow the individual to come to any class whenever their schedule permits them to do so until their 10 or 15 class punch card has been used up.

Q: Can I try a class first before I commit to a full program?

A: Of course! We encourage all clients to try a class for FREE to ensure they are happy and satisfied with our programs and what we offer. Please drop in at any location and time to try your free class today.

Q:  Can I switch between times and locations?

A: All our programs feature unlimited flexibility.  You can take as many classes as you choose, at any time and location within the time period you purchased.

Q:  What kinds of exercises are done in class?

A: Each class is based around four cycles; warm up, upper body, lower body, and combo cool down.  We do everything from calisthenics, plyometric drills, resistance band training, kicking targets, running drills, and much more. Every class is different, giving you a full body workout that won’t ever feel monotonous.


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