Personal Training Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I haven’t worked out in years. Will I still be able to participate?

A: All personal training sessions are designed around the individual’s abilities. We understand that everyone is at a different physical fitness level and will tailor the workout to meet your needs.

Q: I have some medical conditions that limit my ability to perform some exercises. Can I still participate?

A: Most exercises can be modified to help reduce strain on any muscle group. We want everyone to have the opportunity to participate, and we do our best to ensure that each individual is getting the exercise needed, even if modifying a certain drill or exercise is the answer. Remember that this is a personal training session, so everything is customized for the individual.

Q: My schedule is never consistent and I never know what days of the week I can train. Do you have any options for someone like me who does not have a consistent schedule each week?

A:  Yes. We understand that not everyone has a consistent schedule and try our best to provide training for each person. Specific availability is based on the schedule of the Personal Trainer.


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