What to expect

PowerFit Bootcamp is an intense full-body workout program that will push you to your max. You’ll learn to implement proper training techniques that build power, stamina, and agility while reducing the occurrence of injury.

Our mission is to encourage, motivate, and help people become the best they can be, both physically and mentally. During the hour-long PowerFit Bootcamp class clients will get a full-body workout that will push them to the max. Every class is a one-hour, high-energy, fat-burning, full-body workout and strength training program for men and woman of all ages and athletic abilities that will help you get results fast. Each class is broken down into four different cycles in 15 minute increments:

Cycle 1: Warm Up
Cycle 2: Upper Body
Cycle 3: Lower Body
Cycle 4: Core / Cool Down

Throughout our program clients will get a new experience each class they attend. PowerFit Bootcamp utilizes different equipment and drills such as resistant bands, medicine balls, sandbells, agility ladders, kickboxing drills, calisthenics, and more. No two classes are the same making every class exciting full of energy and motivation!

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